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Welcome Home, Boston

At NEMA Boston, technology enhances daily life while locally inspired art, interiors, and architecture elegantly reflect the heritage of Boston's historic Seaport district. Every design detail is intended to create a bespoke, elegant home.

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Design & Art Inspiration

NEMA Boston features custom-curated artworks and design elements to reflect Boston’s and the Seaport's past and present.

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NEMA Boston's modern façade—designed with ledger stone, bronze paneling, and glass—creates a neighborhood beacon in the historic and ever-evolving Seaport district. The façade's distinctive slant, inspired by the bow of a ship, gently nods to the district’s nautical history.

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In sync with the Seaport's new status as Boston's innovation hub, a 70-foot LED art wall creates a vivid backdrop to NEMA's arrival experience, with revolving nature scenes from Boston’s environs.

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The Lobby features an art dedication to The Channel, the legendary Fort Point club that drew the most popular local and national bands of the 1980s. An art wall features custom records that name the most important acts who played at The Channel, highlighting this dynamic decade in Boston’s music scene. Eventually, The Channel turned into a dance club where popular Boston DJs spun records, and, of course, the NEMA Lobby features a DJ turntable driving the music system.

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A massive steel beam "V," which, along with a curved steel I-beam and rough-hewn granite sculpture by Randy Doering, pay homage to Boston’s role in laying the groundwork for industrializing the Northeast. Artist Tom Burr’s "November" wool work alludes to the Seaport’s status as a thriving textile shipping hub of the early 20th century.

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Adjacent to the Lobby is the Garden, an intimate resident micro-park with natural herbs and a modern fire feature. The view into the Garden can be enjoyed from the Lobby through the floor-to-ceiling glass, blending the lines between outdoor nature and interior comfort.


The smart, luxury apartments for rent at NEMA Boston are both built and operated with a variety of sustainable features. Ecologically focused strategies include the use of recycled materials, green cleaning products, Energy Star-certified appliances, and eco-friendly finishes with low chemical content to improve air quality. NEMA is an environmentally conscious member of its community, designed to meet demanding LEED standards.

  • Transit-Oriented Location

    The luxury apartment residences for rent at NEMA are centrally located in Seaport within walking distance of shops, restaurants, parks, and other neighborhood amenities, as well as multiple modes of transportation, including train, commuter rail, and bus lines.

  • Bicycle Storage

    NEMA offers residents secure bicycle storage, preferred parking, and electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Sustainable Site

    NEMA and the surrounding site have been designed to minimize heat island effect by selecting materials that reflect rather than absorb heat.

  • Water Efficiency

    Annual water savings are projected to be equivalent to 5.5 Olympic-size swimming pools of water.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Annual energy savings projections are equivalent to powering 140 homes annually.

  • Green Cleaning

    NEMA uses cleaning products and practices with lower health and environmental impact.

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