Not content to simply look out over Boston Harbor from your home at the NEMA Boston Seaport apartments? Venture out onto the water on a Winter Sunset Cruise and see the harbor from a new perspective. Excursions on the Northern Lights yacht range from brunch cruises with a gourmet buffet to sunset cruises with cocktails and commentary on Boston Harbor’s famous monuments, forts, historical ships, and noteworthy architecture. Let’s hop aboard!

The Northern Lights is a vessel inspired by commuter yachts that were popular during the Roaring Twenties. At that time, these ships frequented the New England coast, traveling along multiple routes in the waters between Boston and New York City, most often to ferry well-heeled society folk and their friends to and from Boston. Though it is equipped for speed with its 800-horsepower diesels, Northern Lights travels at a leisurely pace for all trips so that guests can enjoy drinks and food, as well as the plentiful beauty of the harbor and beyond, in safety and comfort.

A variety of cruises and trips, ranging from one to several hours, are available throughout the year. A favorite of ours is the Winter Sunset Cruise. Set sail after work with your companions, co-workers, or loved ones, and take in the spectacular sight of Boston from the water. Each of these sunset cruises offers a unique experience, as the oranges and pinks of the approaching evening morph into the blues and purples of twilight, casting ethereal hues across the monuments, forts, bridges, and ships in Boston Harbor. This trip makes a wonderful bonding event for you and your office mates — it’s even better as a plan for a first date. Trips are two hours in total length, with guests receiving a 30-minute boarding time to get drinks and settle into a seat before the 90-minute cruise.

For those welcoming out-of-town guests, a Boston Harbor sightseeing cruise is a perfect introduction — or reintroduction — to the city. Steeped in the maritime tradition, Boston is rich with nautical history, and much of that history was written by those with bellies full of clam chowder! A staple of the city, New England clam chowder (pronounced “chowda” around town) is available at the Northern Lights bar along with assorted small bites and will quickly help to warm your tummy on a cold winter evening. Pair it with a drink of your choice, preferably something with whiskey or rum to truly take you back to the golden era of Boston seafarers, and take in the grandeur of Boston’s heritage from a new vantage point that comes with a delicious twist!

For a morning of good food, and perhaps a bit of rowdy revelry, Northern Lights brings you a slate of brunch cruises. One that promises to be particularly noteworthy is the upcoming Boston St. Patrick’s Day Brunch Cruise. With its deep Irish heritage, few cities compare to Boston on St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy Irish coffee or craft beers, bacon rashers, sausages, and that most delectable of Irish delicacies, black pudding. Decked out with St. Paddy’s decorations and loaded with Irish spirit, this Northern Lights cruise offers two hours of festive fellowship, where you can toast to friends while enjoying the waterfront and the Boston skyline.

All of these trips and more await just a short distance from NEMA’s Seaport Boston apartments. Book a cruise with friends, or opt for a more intimate outing with just you and a loved one on the elegant Northern Lights yacht. Good food, fine spirits, and inspiring views await.