The last few years have been a renaissance for remote work, and today, over 90% of workers expect to punch the clock from home at least one day a week. Whether you’re fully remote or just want to have the option to work from home, the Boston Seaport apartments at NEMA are equipped to make setting up your home office a breeze. Offering high-speed internet, on-site coworking spaces decked out with the latest productivity technology, and a pair of private conference rooms, NEMA Boston makes working from home a pleasure. Keep reading for a detailed rundown of the productivity amenities available at these Boston luxury apartments for rent.

Residents will love NEMA Boston’s gigabyte-capable internet, which makes high-bandwidth tasks like video conferencing and file transfers fast and easy. Smart home tech lets residents control the environment in their apartment from a smartphone, helping those working from home to streamline the management of their home office. And the building’s outdoor spaces are great settings for reviewing spreadsheets or hopping on a quick call, all while remaining connected to the building-wide high-speed internet.

NEMA’s coworking areas provide ample space and resources for residents who need robust office infrastructure while working from home. Set against the backdrop of Downtown Boston, NEMA’s CoWork space has plenty of seating for individuals and small teams, complete with screen-sharing tech to facilitate collaboration. The adjacent Creators Suite uses the Seaport’s status as a hub of innovation as a guiding principle, offering residents high-tech equipment like 3D printers and scanners as well as coding and design stations. When residents need a quiet space for collaboration, they can reserve one of the building’s pair of conference rooms via the NEMA app. Each conference room features screen-sharing and video conferencing capabilities, giving residents everything they need to work from home without missing crucial team meetings or client presentations.

But the real joy of working from home comes when residents clock out and head to one of NEMA Boston’s recreational and wellness facilities for some well-earned R&R. Whether they prefer to unwind by working up a sweat in the building’s Fitness Center, by centering themselves in the Yoga Studio, or by cracking open a cold Samuel Adams and watching the Red Sox game on the 159-inch screen in the private movie theater, NEMA Boston residents have a host of options when the working day ends. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today to schedule a tour!