Over the past year, we've all been trying new hobbies and gaining new skills. Why not keep that momentum going into this spring? Add a bit of extra style to your luxury Seaport home at NEMA Boston — and have a bit of creative fun — by trying your hand at flower arranging. The warm weather means that flowers are blooming, so now is the perfect time to let this new skill bloom for you, too.

Find Flowers

Being located in the Seaport gives you access to world-class shopping, including the finest selection of flowers in the city. Several florists are within a short drive of NEMA, but for true convenience, have flowers delivered from Market Floral Studio. This particular women-owned shop offers whimsical designs and locally sourced goods.

But which flowers should you choose? Seasonal is the key to picking flowers, so order something that's growing right now. Try Stapleton's signature Hat Box of Tulips. These colorful buds are an easy way to enter into the world of floral arrangements. But, of course, the options are endless.


You don't have to be a pro to imagine your ideal arrangement design. You already know your style and tastes. Just trust your instincts! Better Homes & Gardens recommends picking a color scheme first and then thinking about height, length, and variety. You can be as orderly or whimsical as you like. Be bright and big with colors popping and tons of greenery, or you can go minimalist and straightforward. Just be sure to consider the space where the flowers will go. For example, you'll want a low-rise arrangement if it’s to be the centerpiece of your table during dinner. And whatever type of flowers you choose, make sure your vase complements the size, shape, and color of the blooms.

Preparing the Flowers

Architectural Digest suggests cutting the stems of your flowers at an angle. Other experts say to do the cutting under running water or in warm water. These methods ensure that your arrangements will last longer and stay beautiful for days. Another measure for making sure that flowers will last is to add a preservation solution to the water in your vase.


Finally, you get to dive into the enjoyable part of the process: the arranging. Architectural Digest recommends placing the largest flowers in the center of your arrangement and working outward as the size of the flowers decreases. But don’t be afraid to get creative: Crisscross the stems for a rustic look, or position them all at the same angle for a more modern style. For contrast and variety, and to add fullness, fill in any empty spaces you see with greenery and branches. But here is the No. 1 rule of floral arrangement: Let your imagination run wild. There are no hard-and-fast rules for this hobby.

The comfortable, convenient, and technologically equipped Seaport apartment homes at NEMA Boston already have what you need for work, relaxation, and everything in between. Arrangements of seasonal flowers can add bursts of color and freshness to your home. Get started by checking availability at NEMA now.