The wellness amenities available to residents of NEMA Boston are ideal for rejuvenating body and mind. Here, we discover how these facilities allow you to integrate mindfulness principles into your fitness routines ... and how they provide a well-earned break afterward.

The Fitness Center

As fitness and wellness experts tell us, there are great benefits to combining mindfulness with exercise. Being aware of what we're doing with our bodies can harness feelings of strength and power. It can also lower stress, depression, and anxiety. With its collection of high-end exercise equipment, the fitness center at these Seaport Boston apartments is ideal for mindful exercising. Woodway and Technogym Skillrun treadmills make it easy to count the calories you're burning and keep an eye on your cardio activity. Peloton bikes give you a realistic spin experience, while encouraging you to push for that extra mile. And then there are those stunning views of Boston from the fitness center windows, which help you stay mindful of the fact that you live in one of the great American cities!

The Yoga Studio

As we all know, yoga is a boon for both the body and the soul. NEMA Boston's private yoga studio is bright and airy, with generously proportioned windows; ideal for early-morning sessions or sunset wind-downs. Mirrored walls allow you to perfect your yoga or Pilates positions and to be mindful of the good work you're doing. Certified yoga professionals are on hand, too: If you’re in need of a little encouragement to stay mindful during your workouts, they will be there to help.

The Spa Suite and Gardens

Once your workouts are complete, it's time to relax and recuperate. The spa suite at these Boston Seaport apartments offers expert massages and various other spa treatments to soothe aching muscles and busy minds. And if you need to clear your mind of all thoughts, NEMA Boston's private pocket park and green outdoor rooftop provide miniature havens where you can meditate.

Wellness for Your Four-Legged Friend

Adored pets deserve wellness amenities, too! In addition to having access to nearby green spaces like Fan Pier Park and Waterfront Park, NEMA Boston pooches can blow off steam (mindfully, of course) at the dedicated outdoor play area. Then, they can put up their paws and relax in the Pet Spaw, enjoying a grooming session, so they can look the part next time they're out on the town.

Wellness and mindfulness await at NEMA Boston's luxury apartments. Arrange a viewing today.