NEMA Boston is one of a kind. From its architectural style to the interior design of these Seaport apartments, the luxurious spaces include cultural elements inspired by the local character and heritage. The history and design tradition of the city of Boston run throughout NEMA Boston. Read on to explore the beauty of the building and its luxury apartments, where you can see Boston celebrated at every turn.

Steeped in a nautical heritage, NEMA Boston’s façade harkens back to the history of the harbor. The building’s bronze paneling, ledger stone, and glass form a distinct beacon that reflects this ever-evolving district. The slant toward the top, inspired by the bow of a ship, points forward to the progress of the new tech-driven economy while paying respect to the ocean-oriented marketplace of the past.

Off the Lobby, you’ll find the Garden, an intimate resident micro-park. Replete with natural herbs and a modern fire feature, the Garden invites you to contemplate Boston’s agrarian heritage. You can also enjoy the Garden from the Lobby through a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, blending the lines between outdoor nature and interior comfort.

NEMA Boston also embodies a forward-thinking vision by promoting innovation, wellness, and sustainability and adopting LEED standards and environmentally conscious practices that lessen its footprint and mitigate ecological impacts. The use of recycled materials, Energy Star-certified appliances, and eco-friendly finishes with low chemical content correspond to an emerging ethic in urban design that is in close alignment with the NEMA philosophy.

While these elements present subtle hints of old and new Boston, nowhere in the property are both better displayed than in the building’s artwork. Infused with the authentic history, climate, and character of the local neighborhood, a carefully curated assortment of bespoke pieces brings to life Boston’s historical depth, industrial textures, and domestic charm.

Artist Tom Burr’s “November” work, with wool blanket and upholstery tacks on plywood, pays homage to the textile trades that played a key role in the Seaport’s mercantile development. The blanket and tacks also allude to Boston’s fabled winters and domesticity: the warmth and comfort of home that NEMA Boston residents will experience throughout the year. Meanwhile, Randy Doering’s Leaning is a dedication to the American transition from an agrarian-based society to one of machine-led manufacturing. The steel I-beam and granite block are literal representations of the foundations of this transition, as well as the industrialization of the Northeast.

While Burr’s and Doering’s works are deeply rooted in warm but gritty aesthetics that once defined Boston living, The Channel showcase recognizes the culture that thrived within that evolving urbanscape. The Channel, a 20th-century hub of live music that introduced Bostonians to punk, reggae, metal, blues, and a host of upcoming and major acts, is recognized with oversized acrylic “records” depicting the bands that played there. The dynamism of the age immediately springs to mind with the mere sight of each band’s name.

Design-driven, locally inspired, and comfort-centric, NEMA Boston reflects the history and culture of Boston and the Seaport. These carefully selected elements and elevated residences are assembled to produce a striking presentation that is effortlessly woven into the tapestry of the neighborhood. From top to bottom, NEMA Boston is truly 100% “Made in Boston.”