The Boston Seaport apartments at NEMA are the perfect expression of the future of Boston luxury living—and in the here and now. The Seaport itself is where the future of the city is headed, and, luckily for NEMA residents, the future of fitness is also hitting its stride just steps from these Boston luxury apartments for rent. This summer, take your fitness routine up a notch at innovative gyms and studios that are integrating a wealth of wellness data and technology into their approach to being fit in the 21st century.

Ray Peleckas, a Boston fitness pioneer, has opened a second location right in the heart of the Seaport for BURNIN’ by Ray—what he calls his "ungym," which is changing the look and feel of the workout routine. Peleckas has designed an approach to staying fit that takes all the benefits of working with a personal trainer and brings them to the gym community in a more sustainable, fun, and affordable model. BURNIN’ by Ray offers every member technological tools to learn what's best for their body. Their group classes are built on a specially designed low-impact cardio and strength workout using “motor-less” equipment that lets you stay in control of your speed and resistance. Their approach to fitness also includes nutrition advice and monitoring, keeping in line with the brand’s holistic approach. It's also a place that builds community—an "ungym" you will look forward to going to.

Other standouts near NEMA’s Boston Seaport apartments include CorePower Yoga, SoulCycle, and the boxing experts at EverybodyFights. These are all studios that take a foundation workout concept like yoga, the stationary bike, and boxing and transform them into an experience. With an emphasis on great music and a Vinyasa flow that both strengthens the core and challenges the entire body, CorePower offers a workout to keep you toned and fit while melting away stress. SoulCycle turns a peak cardio workout into a party, and the classes at EverybodyFights will bring out your inner power like nothing else. All of this, with Boston's Seaport as a backdrop, will fill your summer with energy and excitement to take on the city.

You can’t forget about your very own fitness center at NEMA Boston. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows frame panoramic views of the Seaport, creating an inspiring space to reach your new wellness heights. With premium state-of-the-art strength training and cardio equipment, including Peloton bikes and Technogym SKILLRUN, there are endless options for a quick morning workout. If you’re looking to cool down after a long day of work, you can head to the private yoga studio for some down dogs and Shavasanas. NEMA Boston also offers group fitness classes and private instruction by certified fitness professionals.

When living at NEMA Boston’s luxury Seaport apartments, you’ll be able to experience endless ways to stay fit and even meet some like-minded neighbors and friends in the process.