When you live in the Boston luxury apartments for rent at NEMA Boston, you have access to everything that the city has to offer — and a whole lot more. Within an hour, you can experience a thrilling day trip to world-class beaches and historic culture-filled towns. Why not spend a day exploring the bewitching and quaint town of Salem? Let's take a journey back in time, with all of the modern niceties, to Salem, Massachusetts.

Known for its infamous witch trials, Salem is more than just a place for those who can't get enough of Halloween. It's a year-round crucible of art, cuisine, architecture, and, of course, spooky points of interest.

Oh, Goody! We’re on our way to take a deeper look at this seaside New England town.

Witchy City Tours

There's no doubt that the witch trials loom large over Salem. More than three centuries after women of the town were tried and prosecuted for witchcraft, with 19 being executed, this dark period of history is still a draw and a must-do for any visitor. Since exploring the city by broomstick isn't a realistic option, we recommend a guided tour.

One of the most prominent purveyors of tours here is Witch City. Whether you want to delve into the trials themselves, connect with the paranormal side of Salem, or visit the locations of the cult-favorite film "Hocus Pocus," Witch City has you covered.

Book a daytime tour that highlights the architecture of the city. Or, get ready for a ghostly, lantern-lit expedition during the night. No matter which tour you choose, you'll cover a lot of ground and get an excellent insight into this fascinating and picturesque town.

Museum Hop

If you just can't get enough of Salem witch trial lore, it's time to visit the Salem Witch Museum. This museum offers more than a superficial view of people with black pointy hats casting spells. The Salem Witch Museum depicts the trials as what they were — a tragic page in American history. Learn about the victims of false accusations and the zeitgeist that consumed Salem during that time.

For those who'd like a lighter look into the world of witchery, the Halloween Museum is a family-friendly look back at a wistful version of Halloween. Think: voodoo, fortune-telling, Ouija boards, and nostalgic holiday decor.

Once you've had your fill of the occult, explore the art scene at the Peabody Essex Museum. This singular museum's collection spans from 18th century art to contemporary works. With galleries graced with paintings, sculpture, and photography from around the world, you can spend an entire afternoon in this well-curated museum.

Devilish Dining

Stave off museum fatigue and treat yourself to a meal from one of Salem's world-class dining options.

Feast on seafood, in situ, right off Salem's seaport at Finz. The buzzy atmosphere and the water views are what draw visitors and locals alike. But the mouthwatering menu of seafood is what makes for repeat customers. Dig into delicate sushi rolls, freshly caught fish, and even American classics like their cooked-to-perfection burger or spicy chicken sandwich.

Look no further than Ledger Restaurant and Bar for an evening of upscale dining. Housed in an old bank building, this soaring space is ideal for dressing up and indulging in dishes like wood-fired chicken or a seasonal vegetable cassoulet.

Salem is a city that beckons visitors to come back again and again. Luckily, residents of NEMA Boston are just a short trip away.

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