Craving some farm-fresh eats? Want to master new recipes that'll wow friends and family? There are apps out there offering innovative ways to connect digitally with Boston farmers and artisans—as well as chefs from across the country. Zhuzh up your culinary repertoire, help out the community, and make the most of your NEMA Boston kitchen while you're at it.


In 2017, Insa Elliott and Stephanie Marmier combined their tech nous, health expertise and love for local food to create Market2day. The app's aim is simple enough: to boost Boston's local food economy while allowing busy "locavores" to access high-quality produce from farmers, fishmongers, and various other artisans in the area. With a few clicks, you can get sustainably harvested fish from Boston Smoked Fish Co., newly plucked lettuce and cabbage from Fresh Roots Greenhouse, and piquant, vegan-friendly condiments from Barry's Hot Sauce. Essentially, Market2day brings the experience of a farmers market directly to your phone, and as Insa Elliott rightly tells Boston Magazine, “Amazon will never be able to deliver a beautiful, locally grown tomato from the farmer that you know and trust.”


Another app that should be on every NEMA Boston resident's phone is WhatsGood. In fact, it’s so good, NEMA Boston has partnered with them. Access WhatsGood in the ‘Perks’ section of the NEMA Life app, or via the WhatsGood app. You're instantly linked up with 40+ local and organic food producers. Think grass-fed beef shanks and freshly churned buttermilk from RI Farmers Market. Spicy microgreens and crunchy veg from Boston Public Market. And delectable peach turnovers from East Boston Farmers Market (well, you've got to be indulgent sometimes). WhatsGood delivers direct to NEMA Boston every Tuesday and Thursday, and there’s no minimum fee or subscription commitments. Your dinner table will never be dull again.


So, you've sourced all your wonderful produce, but do you actually know what you're going to do with it? That's where Cheft comes in: this ingenious app connects you with chefs around the US, giving you the luxury of one-on-one cooking classes. Simply select your chef, based on their specialty (for instance, Derrick Teh is an expert in Malaysian cuisine, while Hannah Lurier will teach you how to craft the most divine pastries). Share the contents of your pantry with your chosen chef, and they'll join you in your kitchen via Zoom. Before you know it, you'll have created a meal fit for royalty. Even better, at the moment, all of Cheft’s proceeds are being donated to World Central Kitchen.

This summer, support your local Boston farmers and bring home some fresh ingredients so you can slice, simmer and sauté away in your beautiful new kitchen at NEMA Boston.