Looking for a way to unwind and relax while staying safe and warm inside? When binge-watching loses its allure and constantly scrolling through your phone becomes a bore, you need to expand your at-home winter repertoire. While you're staying cozy in the luxury Seaport apartments at NEMA Boston, why not try something new to occupy you and your family's minds?

It's the perfect time for getting crafty with some at-home projects that will help you learn new skills—or just get to show off the ones you already have. While crafting can be misconstrued as the territory of young children making houses out of popsicle sticks or gluing googly eyes onto almost anything, the types of crafts we're talking about are sophisticated, technical, and useful. Not only that, but the acts of making these crafts "help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain," according to CNN. Let's take a look at some projects you can take on to enrich yourself and transform your home while you're at it.


One of life's great pleasures is to light a candle and wait for the wax to warm, with wafts of your favorite scent filling the room. Turn this sensory delight into an ultracustomized experience by making candles yourself. While it might seem intimidating at first, this ancient art form is quite simple and very fun. ProFlowers gives a thorough tutorial on how to create beautiful pieces that could serve as a personalized gift to friends and family or a way to add something special to your own home.

Per ProFlowers, you don't need a lot to get started: just wax, wick, a heat-proof vessel, and a fragrance of your choosing. Then the fun begins. Melt down the wax and add a scent you love. We recommend essential oils like lavender and mint to bring a bit of an aromatherapy element to your candle-burning session. But if you're allergic or prefer a fragrance-free option, skip that step altogether. After the wax melts, pour it into your vessel with a wick secured. Add fun touches like using melted crayons to add color or throw in some flower petals.

After your candle hardens, light it, turn down the lights, and watch the wick flicker as you take in the astonishing views from the vantage of your NEMA Boston apartment.


Turn your daily shower routine into an indulgent experience by using your own handmade soap. Soap-making is a little more detailed than candle-making, but that means that the results are even more impressive. The Spruce Crafts has an excellent tutorial on various methods of making soap, from melt-and-pour to cold- and hot-process methods.

Become a perfumier as you mix and match fragrances. Add nourishing and revitalizing elements or get a new lease on your skin with some serious exfoliating ingredients. Your soap will be the ultimate accessory to the luxurious glass-framed showers at NEMA Boston.

However you choose to craft and create, you'll find that the spacious homes at NEMA Boston are the ideal place to do it.