With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to get acquainted with Boston’s range of quality florists and plant shops. While the traditional rose bouquet will surely please your valentine, February is a great month to brighten up your Seaport Boston apartment at NEMA with some floral arrangements or small potted plants. Here are our picks for the best florists in Boston.

First up is Winston Flowers, Boston’s source for high-quality and specialty flowers since 1944. This family-owned shop sources its blooms directly from growers around the world and locally, bringing only the best and freshest product to customers each day. From classic arrangements in white and red to gift boxes brimming with gourmet treats, Winston Flowers is a great place to find a gift for your special someone.

When looking for colorful bouquets, head to Table & Tulip or Bloom Couture in the South End. Table & Tulip specializes in seasonal arrangements spanning in size from bouquets to entire floral environments, and the shop even offers a subscription service guaranteed to keep your Seaport home bright all year round. For special orders and unique requests, Bloom Couture, just down the street from Table & Tulip, is a shop run by experts who can help find rare plants — including orchids and bonsai.

If you’re planning a large event, such as a wedding, check out Hanaya Floral Design, a full-service florist specializing in large-scale sculptural arrangements and garden design. From table settings to bridal bouquets to quaint rooftop gardens, Hanaya Floral Design tailors each arrangement to its environment, creating memorable, one-of-a-kind displays that are certain to impress.

Last but not least is Niche Plant Shop, where Bostonians have been learning how to begin and maintain their indoor gardens since 2013. Niche specializes in potted plants, and whether you’re an old green thumb or are worried about keeping a cactus alive, the Niche crew is there to help. Take a class on “plant parenthood,” or drop by and peruse their large collection of unique plants before selecting the one that will look perfect in your home.

NEMA Boston residents have plenty of floral inspiration at home thanks to the building’s own pocket park, which features an herb garden as well as trees under which residents can sit and take in their own little slice of nature. So, whether you’re an experienced gardener or just want to stop and smell the flowers, visit NEMA Boston to see if these Seaport homes are right for you.